Why are Electric Bikes becoming so popular in Melbourne?

Melbourne has long been regarded as the capital of cycling in Australia, but internationally this was formally recognised by the Union Cycliste Internationale in 2011 when Melbourne was officially named the world’s second Bicycle City after Copenhagen, and whilst bicycle services is often a contentious issue, there can be no arguing that Melbourne has plenty of bicycle tracks and bicycle lanes, and motorists have become much more respectful of people riding bikes.

For anyone who is a regular driver in Melbourne, the fact that traffic congestion is nightmarish will come as no surprise, even motorcyclists get trapped in the unrelenting traffic. For those who opt to use public transport, the prospect of facing overcrowded and under scheduled public transport services is often a disincentive, not to mention the cost.

The obvious solution is to ride a bicycle. Aside from the obvious benefit of avoiding the traffic, bike riders benefit from exercising while they travel, releasing stress, and with the exception of the initial purchase of the bike have very few expenses along the way, avoiding; registration, insurance, parking fees, parking fines and so much more.

Many Melbourne commuters are discovering that riding an electric bicycle is a better option again. Electric bikes have numerous benefits above and beyond regular bikes. Of course all the health benefits are there, as are the benefits of avoiding traffic, but electric bikes also enable people who don’t ride regularly to build up their fitness and still get to work on time. For those who don’t have shower facilities at work, electric bikes enable to you to get to where you are going without sweating too much. Electric bikes allow options, you can have a little assistance a lot or none at all, it is entirely up to you!

There are many different types of electric bicycles available including electric commuter bikes, cruisers, mountain bikes, leisure, folding and so on, all designed to provide maximum benefit and amenity to the rider. With Melbourne’s largest range of electric bikes actually in store, Melbourne Electric Bicycles is pleased to be able service Melbourne’s growing Electric Bicycle community.