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KTM Bikes in Perth

KTM is already a well-known brand within the motorcycle industry and is a highly respected bicycle brand throughout Europe and the number 1 bicycle brand in Austria. Distributed globally to over 40 countries; there is no doubt KTM know their bikes. In 2012 KTM Bikes established distribution to the Australian bicycle market, offering a superior range of road and mountain bikes made with bicycle enthusiasts in mind.

KTM Bike manufacturing is based in Austria, and has a history of manufacturing bicycles since 1964. Worldwide KTM produces an impressive 190,000+ bicycles per year, a number which is growing rapidly. In the last ten years KTM Bikes have proven their growing power within the world bicycle market, increasing sales by over 50%.

We are proud to present exclusively in Australia the 2017 range of Bosch powered central drive bicycles, the benchmark in central drive motors.

Want to know more about the very latest (Gen II) Bosch crank drive system? Click here 

Click here to view a video about the Gen II Bosch crank drive system.

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