Using the same powerful and reliable system found on all eZee bikes!


Using the same powerful and reliable electric motor and battery system found on all of the eZee bike range, the eZee kit converts your regular bicycle into an electric bicycle.

Installation can be done in 2 hours with basic DIY skills and a set of bike tools. However, we always recommend that this work is carried out or at least checked by a competent bicycle mechanic for the best ride possible. We can install this ebike conversion kit for you at Perth Electric Bike Centre, conditional upon the bicycle being fit for conversion, which depends on factors such as size, shape and mechanical condition of the bicycle.

Electric bicycle specifications

Available size wheels (please specify):



Geared Drive 5:1 Planetary gear hub motor drive gives high torque output.

Steel Sun Race gears.

Wheel Assembly:

Hub Motor is already built into the front or rear wheel. The rim is CNC machined and double walled and uses high quality 13G stainless spokes.

The Electric Hub Motor has a 6-hole ISO disc mount and 180mm rotor, so this kit is disc brake compatible, if you have a V brake, simply ignore or remove the disc rotor.

Puncture resistant Schwalbe Marathon Plus tyre with reflective side walls provided on motor wheel. We can provide a matching Schwalbe Marathon Plus tyre for your otherwheel as well, for better rolling performance, fewer punctures and higher uniformity on the converted ebike.


Pedal Assist or full e-Bike configurations are both available. Speed limiters are also available.

Battery is attached underneath the rear carrier rack (supplied) or a simple, one size fits all solution – the battery in a waterproof bag.


Waterproof, Self Diagnostic Military grade conformal coating, potted and sealed aluminum casing. LED light codes for quick troubleshooting.


Lithium Ion 390 Wh battery 37V 11Ah with Battery Management System (BMS): 3.1 kgs with casing. Smart and quick top up with 4A battery charger. The 37V 14Ah battery is available for this kit for an additional $400: 3.9kg with casing.


Hub motor, controller and battery are all warrantied for 2 years.

Ezee electric bike conversion kit