Micro Merlin Electric Scooter


Lightweight and foldable… It’s time to play!

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Electric bicycle specifications

Max. speed:  Approx. 25km/h
Range: up to 25km
Braking: Regenerative braking and physical braking
Rated power: 250W (peak 500W)
Tyres: 8 inch airless rubber tyres
Max. load: 100kg
Suspension: Front suspension fork
Battery type: Lithium LG cells
Nominal voltage: 36VDC
Rated capacity: 7800mAh/280Wh
Charge time: Fast 3 hour charge tim
Warranty: 12 months manufacturers warranty
Weight: 17.2kg

NOTE: This scooter is not street legal. Use on private property only.

* Specifications may differ to those shown on the website. Please check final specifications in store.