Saving money? An electric bike is a wise choice

Whether you’re saving money for a family trip or simply looking to pay off a bit more of the mortgage, an electric bike is a great choice. In fact, because an electric bike from Electric Bikes Perth is fun to use, you may find you use it more often than you think, which means you can soon recoup the purchase price of the bike.

5 reasons to purchase an electric bike to save money

  • Motoring experts put the cost of owning and operating even the most economical new small car at more than $100 a week; a larger car may cost you much more! Keep the car in the garage and purchase an electric bike and you’ll recoup the cost in a few months. You might even be able to sell the second car!
  • Public transport can help you save money, compared with operating and maintaining a car, but you’ll still be out of pocket many hundreds if not thousands of dollars a year. You can pick up a quality electric bikes from us for as little as $1595 and enjoy many years of cycling.
  • Recharging an electric bicycle is chicken feed. Over the course of an entire year, maybe $50. Less than it will cost to put fuel in your car’s tank or ride on public transport for one week.
  • Maintaining a quality electric bike is easy and well within the means of most people.
  • You’ll not only save money with an electric bike, you’ll also help save the environment. For every trip you do on an electric bike rather than your car, you’ll be reducing pollution and greenhouse gases.