If you’ve come to this page looking for ‘so-called’ testimonials (probably written by the shop owners themselves!) then think again.

Perth Electric Bike Centre will never post or ‘create’ testimonials. Instead, we encourage you to research both bicycles and stores. But more importantly, we encourage you to do some physical research, by coming in to our Electric Bikes Perth store to test ride any of our electric bicycles. It’s difficult to get the feel of an electric bike while trawling the Internet and every electric bicycle brand and even individual model rides very differently.

While we believe it is important to test ride a bike before purchasing if this is impractical, we will happily qualify, and justify the most appropriate bike based on our knowledge and your requirements: After all, no two people are alike.

We do not have a “buy now” button on any of our bikes, as we want you to test ride first or at least talk to us on the phone. By not offering a “buy now” option, we’re standing by our principles and our aim of 100% of customers being satisfied.

We regularly get e-bike riders either phoning or coming in for advice because they’ve either been poorly matched to a bike at another store (often interstate or online) or encouraged to purchase a poorly made bike…  Unfortunately, the answer is, generally, not much can be done. These people tend to be some of our best new customers as they are wiser for the experience. The adage, you get what you pay for is no truer than with electric bicycles.

Perth Electric Bike Centre testimonials

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