Electric bikes for the not so young

Exercise is good for the majority of people, no matter how old they are, but most traditional forms of exercise can be difficult and painful, particularly if you have an old injury, arthritis or aches and pains. Electric bike riding is not like traditional exercise. As well as being fun it’s a great way of staying active, particularly if you’re the north side of 60!

6 excellent reasons you should choose an electric bike from Electric Bikes Perth

  • Electric bike riding gets you out in the fresh air, is non-weight-bearing, and can be enjoyed with friends and family. More importantly, unlike traditional bikes, headwinds and hills are a breeze as you can crank up the power as much as you like.
  • Gentle pedalling is great for bodies, not matter how old you are. But if have you a traditional bike, a headwind or hill can soon turn gentle pedalling into a grind. Not so with an electric bike.
  • Electric bicycles are very easy to use. If you’ve ever ridden a regular bicycle, you can ride an electric bicycle.
  • A large percentage of the bikes in the range at Perth Electric Bike Centre are “step-through” style, which means you don’t need to climb over a cumbersome top bar or seat or be particularly mobile.
  • Electric bikes are low-maintenance. All our bikes are fitted with high quality tyres to greatly reduce the chances of a puncture.
  • An electric bike can even replace the car on many trips. Add a basket or pannier bag and with the extra power that an e-bike provides, you’ll be able to do a trip to the grocery store without a problem.
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