Commuters have the power

If you don’t have a car, can’t drive or don’t have access to public transport, a bicycle may be your only means of transport. Or perhaps you enjoy the freedom, cost-savings or health benefits that daily commuting provides. Whatever your reasons for riding regularly, an e-bike from Electric Bikes Perth will make your commute even better.

5 goods reasons to choose an electric bike for your commute

  • A modern, quality electric bike gives you total control over how much power assistance you receive. Feeling good? Pedal like crazy with no power assistance. Feeling tired or need help to battle a headwind or hill? Turn up the power and enjoy the ride!
  • Today’s electric bicycles can travel at least 30 kms with full power assistance, thanks to modern lithium battery technology. You can travel as much as 50 kms to 90 kms with less power assistance. With a larger capacity battery or even less help from the motor, you’ll be able to travel much further again.
  • Commuters often need to carry a change of clothes and work gear, which can quickly weigh you down on a traditional bicycle. Not so an electric bike, as you have the power to compensate for the extra load.
  • Sick of arriving at work hot and sweaty? An electric bike can do at least part of the work for you, which means you can arrive at work refreshed and ready to go.
  • A quality electric bike from Perth Electric Bike Centre will see you commuting comfortably and reliably for many fun-filled years.
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An electric bike from Electric Bikes Perth is a great choice for the commuter rider