Workshop & Service

Perth Electric Bike Centre has a full workshop at the back of our store, where we carry out repairs and servicing on all bikes, traditional and electric. Bookings are essential – go to our Electric Bikes Perth  Contact Us page for contact details. All e-bikes sold by us come with a free first service and we recommend this takes place after 3 months. After this service, we generally recommend having your electric bike serviced every 12 months, but more regularly if you use it every day, the same as a traditional bike. However, if you have the tools and skills you may well decide to conduct this servicing yourself. There is no specific maintenance required for the electrical components of the bikes we sell, although a good clean and regular charging of the battery is a good idea. Our standard service, usually costing $199 for bicycles not purchased from us or $99 for customers whose bicycles were purchased from us, includes:

  • Safety check
  • Straighten derailleur hanger and tune gears
  • Adjust/tighten brakes
  • Wipe down and lubricate chain
  • Check tightness of all bolts and screws
  • Wipe down bike
  • Pump tyres to correct pressure
Perth Electric Bike Centre conducts its own workshop services