Don’t get left behind on an electric bike

If you’ve ever struggled to keep up with your partner, kids or friends on a traditional bike, you’ll absolutely love an electric bicycle. Struggling to keep up will soon be a thing of the past – don’t tell anyone you’re on an e-bike and your partner, kids or friends will be wondering how you’re doing it!

5 good reasons why those who have trouble keeping up should choose an electric bike

  • The great thing about a bike from Electric Bikes Perth is that you can choose exactly how much power assistance you receive. Keeping up? Wind back the power and pedal yourself. Struggling? Dial up the power to get the assistance you need.
  • Electric bikes have come a long way recently. In fact, they so sophisticated that most people won’t even notice you’ve got an electric bike. Sssshhh… Your secret’s safe with us!
  • Like traditional bikes, you can fit baskets and pannier bags to electric bikes for the family outings to the beach, park or playground. Unlike traditional bikes, lugging the load around won’t be a problem!
  • An electric bike is fun, so instead of wanting to hide every time someone mentions going for a ride, you’ll be looking forward to the outing.
  • Like traditional cycling, riding on an electric bike is a great, low-impact form of exercise.
Perth Electric Bike Centre
Perth Electric Bike Centre